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Studio Piano Lessons


Maybe you just want to try out to see if piano is for you. Maybe you are in need to find a good piano teacher after moving to Finland. Perhaps you would like to take your passion for music to the next level or you are preparing for an audition or exam. Whatever your reasons maybe, Nordic Piano Studio is the right place to be!


piano lesson prices

Price for 1 lesson

30 minutes​ - €40 

45 minutes - €55

60 minutes - €70

Spring / Autumn Package 

Price of 18 lessons + Spring / Christmas Concert (live or online)

30 minutes​ - €720

45 minutes - €990

60 minutes - €1260

5- lessons Package

Flexible lesson times

Subject to availability of teacher's schedule

45 minutes - €275

60 minutes - €350


theory lesson prices

Price for 1 lesson

30 minutes​ - €40 

45 minutes - €55

Additional to piano lessons (Weekly)

15 minutes​ - €15

30 minutes - €30 

45 minutes - €45

5- lessons Package

Flexible lesson times

Subject to availability of teacher's schedule

30 minutes - €200

45 minutes - €275

60 minutes - €350

Gift Packages
30 minutes
45 minutes

5 Lessons - €200

10 Lessons - €400

5 Lessons - €275

10 Lessons - €550

60 minutes

5 Lessons - €350

10 Lessons - €700

We will send you the gift card with a personalised message in PDF. Also possible in other combination of your choice! Send us a message

Surprise your friend or partner with a musical gift today!

* Price stated is exclusive of 24% VAT


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Nordic Piano Studio unique or different from other music schools?

We are a piano specialised school. 

Our goal is to assure that each and every child or adult receive excellent foundation and develop a lifelong passion for music and piano. 

To achieve this, we hire only highly experienced and fully qualified teachers with Master in Music degree. Specialised in both piano performance and piano pedagogy with certified teaching qualifications recognised by EU & Finnish Music Education.

Do you offer free trial lessons?

No, we do not offer free trial lesson. However, we do offer you advice on your piano learning goals and background before you register for any lesson or packages. You can leave a message 

How long does it take to play a piece?

It depends on how difficult the piece is, your level as well as how much time you have to practice it. For total beginners, you get to play your very first piece after the first lesson! 

Depending on your strengths (after the teacher assessed it, you can also learn by reading or 'play by ear'. However, we always teach you to read music notation along the way because that's where the real gems are in the music!

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation are only permitted to regular lesson packages. Notification of cancellation must be made at least one month in advance of the last lesson. Refunds for the remaining lessons in the term will be refunded accordingly after deducting one month's lessons. 

Refund of any kind for other packages - gift and flexible lesson packages are not allowed. 

Please note lesson packages (Except gift packages) are not transferrable to another person or student at any point of time. 

We don't have a piano yet, can we still take piano lessons?

Yes, if it is hard to decide whether you or your child will continue lessons for long term, we suggest taking a trial lesson first. After which, you'll need to get an instrument because to see any playing improvements, you need your own instrument for daily practice. Only ONE trial lesson is permitted per student.

What kind of piano can we use for practicing?

There are three main types suitable for your practicing. They are most commonly 'Upright', 'Digital' and 'Grand' pianos. For economic reasons, digital piano can serve the purpose for practicing for beginner to intermediate students. However, it must have touch sensitivity and weighted keys. It cannot be a 'portable keyboard' type of digital piano. Upright piano (new or used) is strongly recommended! Send us your enquiry, and we'll advice you further.

My child finds it tiresome to practice, is there any hard and fast rule to their home practicing and make it interesting?

As concert pianists, our teachers fully understands the difficulty of practicing. Every student is unique and different. Our experienced teachers are fully committed to help and give you advice on your child's progress.

But here are five ways to start:

(1) Keeping practicing regularly is the key to successful practicing.

(2) Making sure it is always quality over quantity is important.

(3) Invest shorter time (with more frequency) over long periods each time.

(4) Establish practicing goals for each session. 

(5) Use methods and apps suggested by the teacher specifically for your child. 

We have many more ways to help you, take a                    today to find out more! 

Can I split the payment for selected package(s)?

Yes. The payment can be split into separate payments. We allow full, half or monthly payments. Kindly inform us your preferences when ordering the package here. 

Please note that the first invoice is always free but an administrative fee of €5 will be charged for every new invoice later when you change your mind.

Do you travel to students' home for lessons?

No, we are only offering in-studio and online lessons at the moment. 

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